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Aluminium, Mixed wood/Aluminium , Carving & Electrostatic Powder Painting

    Welcome to our Site

    jotal company was founded in 1997 in the industrial zone of Al Obour city . It is an Egyptian shareholding to the articles of the Investment Law No.8.

    Jotal is one of the leading companies in manufacturing aluminum-made prodicts,such as shutters,doors and structure glassing.
    In the Arab Rrpublic of Egypt , Jotal is a leader and sole producer of a special type of aluminum profiles coupled with natural wood,which provides both architectural splendor and resistance to atmospheric elements.
    For the first time in the Egypian market Jotal is presenting a new product that competes with formed iron (ferforgee) : the curled / twisted aluminum for handrails,This type has advantages over iron as to its lightweight , its magnificent shapes and formations , various colors as well as its ability to endure difficult coastal atmospheric conditions.

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